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Doctor Doctor, give me the news…


Having incurable health problems tends to wear a person down after a while.

Type 2 diabetes is the pits, but that’s a story for another day.

High blood pressure runs in the family. I’ve been on medication for it for about twenty years now. A LOT of medication. My dad took so many drugs for his blood pressure that he was literally staggered; he went from a natural athlete to a guy who wobbled. I never got that far, but I’m convinced that the five medications I take daily have clouded my mind and sapped my energy. No, I can’t blame all of my lack of accomplishment on medication, but I think it contributes.

Today, I begged my doctor to let me taper off all the medications and start over again from the beginning. She adamantly refused. She’s afraid that if I do that, I might have a stroke. That’s a scary thought, but living with all those pill bottles doesn’t make me feel good either.

We compromised. I can taper off two of the medications, keep monitoring my blood pressure, and see what happens. Two out of five, all right. She’s putting in a referral to a hypertension specialist. Maybe that will work.

So many health sites and books push supplements of various kinds to help deal with hypertension. I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t know what to believe any more. I’m taking extra potassium because I take a diuretic and my potassium level is low. I’m taking extra magnesium because it’s supposed to be an antihypertensive. I’m taking extra calcium because calcium and magnesium go hand in hand. I’m taking fish oil and CoQ10 to help offset the effects of statins and creeping brain fog.

Does any of this do any good? I don’t know. I’m tired of trying to figure out what will help. Years ago I lost 50 pounds and my blood pressure went up. My father was never fat and his blood pressure was higher than mine has ever been. It’s genetic, somehow, but what is it in us that makes it happen?

Just saw another supplement that’s supposed to help with blood pressure control. I’m tired tonight and can’t make an informed decision without doing more research. Am I really falling prey to snake-oil sales?

Sometimes I wonder.

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