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Mister Dillon! Mister Dillon!


Found something neat tonight, and it wasn’t even via Gizmodo or LifeHacker.

I told the story a while ago about the classic bentwood cane that I found in the storage space behind the first apartment F’zer and I lived in.   I’ve kept it all these years, resisting F’zer’s best efforts to get rid of it.   (Isn’t that a kicker, F’zer the Pack Rat trying to get me to throw something out!)   But it was too long for me, and too long for Blinkie, too, so nobody’s actually used it up till now.

Today I put the new saw blade in my miter saw, and it worked perfectly, so I sawed the rest of the dowels to length for the replacement panels for the screens in the living room, and then I took that venerable cane out there and sawed it to length to fit me.   Which, coincidentally, meant cutting it off right above the rubber cane tip.

When we went out tonight, I put the sawed-off piece in my purse, intending to stop by SavOn or Walgreens and pick up a new cane tip.   Which I duly did, except that both drugstores were out of them.   Ah well, no problem, thought I, I will go home and order one from drugstore.com.

Except that they don’t carry them.   Hmf.   So I put “cane tip” into a Google search, which eventually led me to NexTag, which led me to Fashionable Canes.   Now this is a site that has everything imaginable for the person who uses, or wants to buy, a cane.   Blinkie could get a cane to match her moon-and-stars motif.   I’ve got my eye on a lovely folding model with a pattern of compass roses (perhaps for the future).   And I was able to find not only the rubber tip at a bargain price, but a nifty little doodad that clips to your cane so you can balance it off the edge of a table.   I thought that was a great idea, so I ordered one of those too.

And this gives me yet another source of goodies for my mom’s upcoming birthday.   Yeah baby.

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