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I finished writing my 20-year novel. I finished writing my 20-year novel.

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I can’t believe I wrote the whole thing. :)


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Last night, I finished the manuscript for my first novel, Closed Circuit.  More than 20 years after I started it, and four months after I wrote its sequel.  No one ever accused me of doing things logically.  🙂  It’s not a FINISHED finished manuscript, if you know what I mean–I still have to go over it and see what still needs fixing.  And let a few trusted friends take a look at it and mark all over it.  But yeah, I got the story done, and I like what I did.

I printed it out today, since I do serious correction work best on a printed page, and gleefully went out and bought a nice binder to put it in (thank heavens for printer paper that comes already 3-hole punched!)  That will make it easier for other people to mark it up too.

Now, I’m in the process of designing the cover picture.  I don’t suppose that if I get it accepted by a publisher, they’ll keep the cover I designed, but what the hey.  I know what I want.  A combination of Photoshop and ink and I’m on my way.

Damn, I feel good!

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  1. Hi Diane, welcome to my little corner of the wild and crazy internet. 🙂 The book started out as a sandard-issue romance novel, but I realized that wasn’t what I wanted to write. So, now it’s the story of a woman who lives in a small town, runs an electronics repair store, and one day out of the blue finds out that the guy who left town and then dumped her with a callous Dear Jane letter twelve years ago now owns the building she lives and works in. And nobody can figure out what the guy is up to. The romance-novel underpinnings are still there, but I hope it turned out to be more fully detailed than that.

  2. So, what is your baby about? What is your genre, ma’am?

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