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If it’s the last thing I do….


Ever stop to think about what you do last?  People talk about the start of a journey or the start of a project, but what about the end?  I got to thinking about this the other day when I realized that there are certain “last things” I always do.

Last thing before starting to cook:  Make sure the water in the faucet is cold, so if you burn yourself you don’t have to wait.

Last thing before you turn off the car:  Turn down the radio so you don’t get blasted when you start the car.

Last thing before turning off the computer:  Make sure you don’t have CDs in the drive or flash drives plugged in.  They might be bootable.

Last thing before leaving the bathroom: Put the seat AND the lid down.  If both genders put everything down, nobody feels put-upon.

Anyone else have any last words?  🙂

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