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glory, glory hallelujah


I was back on a college campus as a student today, for the first time since about 1980.   Classes don’t start till Thursday, but today was “new student day” and I wanted to see what the place had to offer to a new student.   Plus I needed to pick up my textbook (ordered via the bookstore web site last week) and turn in my little postcard in hopes of winning a prize.

Oh, and locate my classrooms so I wouldn’t be running around like crazy on Thursday, and test out the bus ride to see how long it takes to get me there and how much pre-class leeway I will have.

All went well, but it was already in the 90s when I arrived on campus just before 10am, so my plan to get my student ID picture taken today was put on hold.   As is customary for me under such circumstances, I was literally dripping sweat and I didn’t think the large wet spot on the front of my shirt should have its image captured in perpetuity.

I will wear a bandana on Thursday, since that will serve as a more fashionable sweatband and also keep my hair out of my face (I am growing out my hair, and it’s well into the “not the right length to do anything with” stage).

I specified a used textbook when I placed my order and was pleasantly surprised to see that the book is nearly new.   It’s almost like its previous owner didn’t open it much.   I plan to keep it, since it looks like it’ll be a good reference book, so having it in such good shape is a bonus.

I bought an insulated lunch bag on sale at Office Depot, of all places, choosing it for its backpack-friendly size and shape and its attached water bottle.   My first class is from 10:15 to 11:45 and my second class starts at 1, so there will be plenty of time for me to find a shady spot to eat my lunch (maybe in the adjacent park) and any leftover time I can surely spend in the library enjoying the air conditioning.   I’ll have to move right along on getting my student ID, though, so I can actually check out books.

Maybe it’s just the thought of being a student again, or maybe it’s the change I’m making in my medications, or maybe it’s just general world-wide well-being, but I feel happier than I have in quite a while.

Hope this continues.

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