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it’s off to school I go


First day of school today.

The good news:

  • The Beeline gets me there in plenty of time, and it’s not even crowded enough that anyone has to stand.   Outbound, that is.
  • Both my profs are very likable and interesting, at least on the first day.
  • I am likely to stand out in both classes because I’m too old to be any of my classmates’ mom.
  • I probably won’t have to carry my networking class book with me at all, which will free up both space and weight in my backpack.
  • I already have quite a few of the items I need to buy for the welding class (although I will   have to look long and hard for my bifocal safety glasses) and I knew quite a few of the answers on the safety quiz we all had to fill out.
  • I got my student ID today and bought the book I needed for the welding class even though the bookstore web site says there’s no book.
  • The book cost $3.95 new.
  • The GCC campus is bright, airy and easy to navigate once you make the mental stretch to fit the topography into the map.

The bad news:

  • The networking class is right at the 10-person minimum limit, so if anyone drops we’re all in jeopardy.   Anyone want to sign up for a networking class?   The prof is very interesting and you can get Network+ certification if you pass the class.   And GCC’s prices are a bargain.
  • My student ID picture looks like it was taken by a failing security camera…   at the morgue.
  • My backpack just isn’t going to work for this.   I need to investigate getting a new one.
  • I need to wear a long shirt, long pants and boots for the welding class.   That’s going to be a pain in the butt, especially when it comes to walking home (no way am I doing 4 miles in my boots) unless I can find a locker in the welding shop to claim.   I didn’t see any without locks on them today.
  • The networking prof, interesting and experienced as he is, read the Powerpoint presentation off the screen word for word.
  • There were enough seats for all the GCC riders to sit down, but I cannot BELIEVE how many kids the bus driver and the Hoover security guard allowed to cram on the bus.   I sat right by the back door but it still took me forever to wiggle through the kids to get out.   “Let the elderly out!” yelled one comedian.

All in all, though, I was feeling very upbeat after the day was done.   I hope things continue to go well for the rest of the semester.

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