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yet more random thoughts


Haven’t posted for a while, I know.   I was hoping to come up with some kind of really new and interesting content, but life has been pretty much same-old-same-old for a while.

Although there have been some notable highlights.   F’zer and I celebrated our 34th anniversary.   We’re now ahead of my parents by a full seven years.   I’m doing well in my classes, I think, although neither subject is exactly a snap to master.   I’m on good terms with the teachers already, at least.

The weather is finally beginning to cool off, so I’m thinking seriously about starting to walk home from school.   It will be a pleasant route and good exercise.   I have a great backpack from the Duluth Trading Company and can carry all my assorted junk comfortably.   I also have a good sun hat, from the same place.   Don’t know yet whether I should invest in a folding cane.   I will have to try the walk at least once to see how it goes.   I will definitely order it from the Fashionable Canes web site if it turns out to be necessary.

Some ongoing irritants:   Man, am I tired of political ads, and it’s not even October yet, much less November.     I’m also getting tired of cleaning up cat urp, which is just about as noxious as the average politician’s blithering.

I wonder if the “el Niño” plus all the volcanic eruptions will give us a soggy winter this year?   I happen to like rain, but that’s because I grew up where there was rain.   I wouldn’t even mind walking home in it.

Got the video editing software installed and the manual printed out.   So many projects, so little time.   Also need to keep working on my writing, my web pages and my other blogs.   Is there enough time in any given day for all that?

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