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random Friday thoughts


You have not lived until you’ve tried to sneeze into a CPAP mask going full blast.   Yuck.   That’s the way I started my day today and it hasn’t gotten much better since.   I hope I’m not turning into one of those crabby old bats who turns having a cold into an excuse to give everyone what-for all day.

A calico cat who follows up a hiss at her brother with a hiss at her human may very well find herself airborne when she least expects it.

A big fat lump o’cat who ends up on his person’s bed at who-knows-when-o’clock in the morning had better darn WELL purr his head off when his person’s mom comes to rescue him at breakfast time.   (His person’s brother better do a better job of making sure the door is firmly closed from now on, too)

The library finally came through with the copy of Inspired Cable Knits that I’ve been waiting months to get my hands on.   There’s a sweater in there that I’ve just about mustered up the gumption to try, even though it’s a far more complex pattern than I’ve ever attempted before.   I was going to go over to Michaels and look at yarn, but figured I’d probably make everyone in the store sick, at this rate.   The ad makes it look like they’ve got better yarn on sale next week anyway.

Do slightly swollen lymph nodes under the jawline mean this is more than just a cold?   Bleah.   I don’t feel like cooking even Frozen Stuff From Trader Joe’s™ tonight.


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