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It is a good day to connect. | Letters From Home It is a good day to connect. | Letters From Home

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It is a good day to connect.


Yesterday, we bought a wireless router and I tried valiantly to get it to work and failed. I set it aside and figured I’d get someone else to work on it today. However, overnight I had something of a brainstorm. The new wireless router is the same brand as the older wired one, and even looks the same (except that it has an antenna on the side). Its IP address is also the same. Therefore, why couldn’t we just exchange the wireless router for the wired one?

F’zer wasn’t so sure he wanted to do that, but he humored me by trying it. And since he knows a lot more about these things than I do (note to self: Networking class at GCC this fall FOR SURE) he got it up and running almost immediately.

And the high-tech wireless cards in the high-tech laptops in the house connected immediately. My laptop, being nearly ten years old and having equally geriatric technology, took a while longer. But I was determined, and I kept on clicking on stuff in the D-Link configuration utility till it threw in the towel and cooperated. Bwaa haa haaa, better wireless connectivity than I’ve ever seen before. Now I can sit in the living room and blither all day, assuming I want to do it at Pentium 150 speed, of course.

And in other good news, my new Swiss Army Bag arrived today. Even though it doesn’t fit in the closet as well as my old DayTimer backpack did, I love it already. And I took an old DayTimer student binder that I’d had kicking around for ages, sawed the ring mechanism out of it with a jeweler’s saw, and turned it into a “tool shuttle” a-la the Levengers’ catalog, for a grand total of $0. That’s my kinda project, for sure.

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