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How infmom would save the whole USA


It seems to me that one of the main problems with the USA today, if not the main problem, is that the politicians are, for the most part, completely out of touch with reality. They exist out there in Politicianland somewhere, where they can imagine themselves to be potentates of old and force everyone else to play along with the fantasy.

I think it’s way past time We the People brought this game of Fantasy Rajah to a halt. Here’s how it’s done. The New Bill of Rights and Responsibilities, if you will.

First of all, Congressional salaries shall be three times the national average, adjusted annually. That way, the only way they get richer is if we get richer.

Second: The President gets four times the national average, adjusted annually.

Third: Local politicians’ pay will likewise be pegged to that of their constituents, adjusted annually.

Fourth: In no case will politicians’ vehicles, fuel, food, utilities or housing be paid for by We the People or by anyone other than the individual politician. And that applies to every politician from the President right down to the local dog catcher. No more free lunch.

Fifth: Members of Congress shall be forbidden to purchase property in or near Washington DC. They shall be required to live (rent free) in housing provided by We the People. All other costs associated with living in that housing shall be the responsibility of the individual politician. Perhaps We the People should purhcase the Watergate complex for this purpose.

Sixth: Members of Congress shall be mindful of the fact that their homes are not in Washington, but in the state and/or district from which they were elected. They shall be required to maintain offices in their place of election, at their own expense, and return to those offices in person at least once each month, at their own expense.

Seventh: Congressional and Presidential perks and pensions shall be phased out ASAP. Members of Congress are already individually wealthy and they don’t need to be sucking up We the People’s money in perpetuity. Each member shall be required to participate in Social Security and shall have to purchase health (and other) insurance on the same basis as self-employed people. Congress shall not be considered a “group” for the purpose of purchasing insurance of any kind.

Eighth: Members of Congress shall be required to stick to the business of governing and shall be forbidden to get involved in legislating social issues of any kind. There shall be a strict schedule of legislative issues to be considered, with the budget taking primary importance. Not until the important issues of national government are dealt with shall any other issues be permitted on the agenda except in case of true life-and-death emergency for the nation.

Ninth: Members of Congress shall be required to canvass their constituents on each issue and vote the way the majority of the people back home would feel on each issue. What the politician feels is irrelevant, since he or she is there to represent the people back home.

Tenth: No change in politicians’ perks, salary, or benefits may be voted on by the politicians themselves, All such changes shall be permitted only by referendum of We the People. If we say no, there shall be no appeal.

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