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I’ve added a NaNoWriMo word-count widget on the right, there.  It’ll start showing something tomorrow (Nov. 1).

This will be my second year in National Novel Writing Month, and I did indeed get a good strong backbone for a novel out of last year’s endeavor.  This year, I’ll be starting on the novel I’ve planned to write for decades.  I’ve gotten my two practice novels out of the way (one published in August, one to be published next spring) and I’ve seen a few small royalty checks, enough to encourage me if not make me rich as Croesus.

This new book will be based on my grandmother’s life, my mother’s, and my own.  I think my grandmother would approve, but I’m not so sure about my mother.  The characters will be fact-based fiction, and there are certain aspects of their lives and histories that need to be included for the story to work.  I’ll be doing the same with my life, of course.

I’m once again going to be using Scrivener, which is a writer’s dream.  I’m using it on a vintage Mac Mini and Mac Powerbook G4, but there’s a Windows version due out early next year (beta version available for tryout on the Literature & Latte web site).  To get serious work done, you need serious tools that get the heck outta your way and let you have at it.

I think one of my brothers will like this book, one will hate it and one will be ambivalent.  It will likely take me a long time to get it finished, so I’ll have to revisit that prediction when the time comes.

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