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I’m still here. Really.


It seems like I get so wrapped up in writing other things that I don’t post in my blog, which is a bit off center, because Every Month was Maywriting blog posts takes a lot less time than writing books.  🙂

Anyway, I thought I would post an update.  I released Every Month was May, one of my grandmother’s collections of autobiographical short stories, in e-reader format (available on Smashwords and in Amazon’s Kindle store).  The second collection of stories, The North Star is Nearer, will be released when I finish with the OCR and conversion work.

I continue to work on Dutchman’s Puzzle, my second novel, with a planned release date in mid March.  It’s better than Closed Circuit, if I do say so myself.  And speaking of Closed Circuit, I took it to an independent bookstore owned by someone I knew when we were both really little, and she took a look at it and gave me good solid advice about it.  “Get an editor,” she said, when I told her I hadn’t.  And, like me, she cringed at the price.

Closed CircuitSo, believing in following expert advice when I hear it, I got an editor.  I corrected a raft of typographical mistakes and one grammatical error, thanked the editor in the author’s note at the end, fixed one small problem with the cover, and lowered the price.  The second edition of the print and e-reader editions is now available on Smashwords and Amazon.

And, today, I was thrilled to get a quote from Diana Gabaldon to put on the cover. I do not mind revising the cover again to put that quote in a prominent place on the front of the book.  When an author of her stature has read and liked your writing and is willing to say so, it really gives you confidence for the future of your literary endeavors.

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