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California dreamin’ (or something)


Most of the time, I like California weather.   However, there is one time of year that I could really do without, and that is the span between around September first and about November 15th, which is when it gets really, really hot and dry.   Everyone else gets the nice fall weather and the colorful leaves, and we get heat, Santa Ana winds, and palm fronds littering the ground.   Yuck.

I saw in the paper the other day that the palm trees are dying off, and all I can say is, good riddance.   I’m sure the tourists think they are cool to look at, but the truth is, they drop those miserable fronds all over everything, drip “palm poop” in the springtime, and generally make overgrown nuisances of themselves year round.   The street we used to live on was lined with palm trees.   One of the many reasons I like our current neighborhood is that it is palm tree free.

Of course, we do have magnolia trees up and down the street and they are pretty messy too.   Cities tend to be very unimaginative in their choices of urban trees.   And I don’t know why they picked magnolias for us, but it was done so far back in the mists of history that I doubt anyone at City Hall knows either.

Tonight we are supposed to have high winds and low humidity.   Just more of the kind of California weather I could do without.   Yuck.

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