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…and so it goes


It is always hard to believe that another year has gone by.   I suppose if we each took time to pay attention to every passing minute it might be different, but who can manage that?

I got some things accomplished this year that I had wanted to, and left other things un-done.   Those will give me something to work toward in the next year.   I’ve certainly got enough materials on hand to do what I want to do.

Life has been relatively good, financially, but could definitely be better.   I’ve got materials on hand to work on that, too.   After all, I’m going to Egypt when I’m 60 and I want to have plenty of money to spend there.   That’s about the best incentive there is!

My family members seem to be happy.   There have been some major changes in their lives this year, but everything, no matter how stressful, has been for the good.   That’s always encouraging.   A Mom worries, after all.

I didn’t always learn something new every day, but I learned a lot.   I have new skills.   I have done new things.   F’zer and I got a vacation all to ourselves where we didn’t go visit relatives.

2006 was a good year.   Onward and upward for 2007.

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