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MP3 players.

When you get right down to it, I can’t decide whether I want one or not. This, despite the fact that I have one. Not an iPod, but a 256meg Creative MuVo.

It works fine, and is about the size of two packs of chewing gum, so it’s extremely portable. But I rarely take it anywhere. I’ve tried it at the gym a few times, mainly because it includes an FM radio and I can tune that to the soundtrack of the TVs in the workout room. But reading the captions does just as well (and nothing makes a mile on the treadmill go faster than zoning out to “Judge Judy”).

Using instructions I found online, I made myself some nice earplug-style headphones. They work well and block out noise around me (like the radio blaring away in the next room–F’zer turns it up way too loud but absolutely will not get his hearing tested). But like the Etymotics earplugs that I often wear in noisy situations (and from which I created these ‘phones) I can’t wear them forever. Earplugs are a necessity for me but my ears don’t like even the foam ones for long periods of time.

Bottom line is, mostly the player sits here on my desk, un-listened-to. Every now and again I’ll take some of the music off that I’ve gotten tired of and put some new stuff on, from my CD collection. The space available doesn’t allow for a huge playlist.

So maybe I’d like a bigger player better? Creative makes some bigger ones that have come down dramatically in price. Vengeant’s been threatening to buy me an iPod for years now (and Apple has the black refurb 2g nano that I’ve decided would be the most Mom-compatible model for about $100 on their web site).

Truthfully, though, a bigger player would probably just sit here too.

Because mostly I just like quiet. I don’t play the radio or the TV when I’m here alone in the house, and if someone else has them on for background noise I’m forever turning them down. Too much noise is like itch powder for me. Oh, occasionally if I’ve bought a new CD I’ll put it on and crank it up. Or I’ll blast the radio in the car if they’re playing a song I like.

But mostly…. I just like quiet.

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