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I’ve been catching up with Wil Wheaton’s TNG-episodes blog. Got a long, long way to go before I’m done. He’s a very entertaining writer and he had me the first time he described Wesley Crusher as a “weenie.”

When TNG was on, a group of us had great fun writing song parodies about the various episodes, in the Science Fiction Forum on CompuServe. I’ve saved many of the ones I wrote (thought I’d saved them all, but some of them appear to be irretrievably lost, doggone it) and Wesley Crusher was often described as a weenie by me and by others.

I’m going to search my archives and find as many of those song parodies as I can, and upload them somewhere for the general amusement of all and sundry. One of my songs was actually sung at a Trek convention and I’ve got an MP3 of that. The quality is the audio equivalent of a cell phone camera, but what the hell.

Now I just need to figure out where to put all this stuff once I find it.

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