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once more into the breach…


I don’t know why I always put off upgrading WordPress so long. It really isn’t difficult to do. This is one of the best software packages ever, in that regard. Do a backup, shut down all the plugins, overwrite the old stuff with the new, reactivate the plugins and you’re set to go.

Except that there is something in one directory that tends to make WiseFTP hiccup and close, and even though I watch the screen, it happens too fast for me to tell which file it is that’s causing the problem. At least I know what directory it’s in. The solution is to transfer the old files over one directory at a time rather than just sending everything all at once. No biggie.

Also, Spam Karma seems to be doing a dandy job of getting rid of the spam trackbacks. Seems like there’s a solution for just about every problem. Wish the real world worked that well!

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