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Out with the old, in with the new Out with the old, in with the new

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A new year


I have been really terrible about updating my blogs for the past couple years. I have so many other writing projects that this and my tattoo blog have really fallen by the wayside. I’m trying to work out ways to remedy that in 2013, including writing a book. We’ll see how well I do.

2012 was a good year, all in all. My daughter and her partner traveled to NYC to get married, and my husband and I celebrated our 40th anniversary. My small business is making a small profit. I completed NaNoWriMo for the fourth straight year, and now have 150K+ words written on what will be my third novel. I am determined to get that into good enough shape to send to agents by my birthday at the end of this year.

Tybalt D. Cat is still with us, and will be 19 years old in May. We are dealing with his health problems and count every day we’ve still got him as a blessing. His last remaining sister died this past summer, so he’s now the only one of Caliban’s children left.

The men in the family got my Vespa fixed as my birthday present. I had despaired of ever being able to ride it again. My husband also arranged tickets to Disneyland for my birthday and our daughter treated us to lunch at Blue Bayou, which I had never thought we’d be able to afford. Getting my picture taken with Minnie Mouse remains the only thing I have never done at Disneyland that I wanted to do. I have no idea if we’ll ever go there again, but if not, I’m still happy.

In October I signed up for a pilot program that the American Diabetes Association is running with Weight Watchers. I had never considered Weight Watchers before even though my daughter had been quite successful with their online program. I thought it was too expensive and the program was too restrictive. I’m still of the opinion that it costs a tad more than it needs to (thus keeping many people from joining up) but I have been amazed at how easy the program is and how few changes I really needed to make in my life to be successful. And I have indeed been successful. My weight has gone steadily down and I’m now using half the insulin I once did. ┬áThe LA Times had an article about diabetes control in today’s paper (link below) and their reporter certainly hit the nail on the head.

It wasn’t all good news. Our sewer pipe finally clogged up completely right before Christmas and we had the joy of using a porta-potty for a week while the plumber got things sorted out. On the bright side, the job ended up costing less than we thought it would. I had hoped that the money I’m going to earn assembling some rack mount computers would pay for a new MacBook Pro, but it’ll have to go to fixing the sewer instead. That’s a pretty minor first world problem, when you get right down to it, and I can keep saving up for the MacBook and get it next year.

I hope all my readers have high hopes for good things in 2013. I certainly do.


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