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A free and easy Valentine


If you’d like an unusual Valentine’s Day gift, I am offering my two novels Closed Circuit and Dutchman’s Puzzle free, in any e-book format of your choice, from Smashwords. The coupon codes are good through Sunday, February 17.

Smashwords wisely filters out all books listed as having “adult content” for first-time visitors, and Closed Circuit does have some adult content (one sex scene) so that book will not appear if you just search for my name. The scene is included in the last part of the chapter “Broken Glass,” which you can skip if you prefer not to read such things. Dutchman’s Puzzle has no adult content.

To download the books, follow these links: Closed Circuit and Dutchman’s Puzzle. The coupon code for Closed Circuit is VF53D and for Dutchman’s Puzzle QG57N.

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